EXO Squad Toys, Exosquad Toys, Rare Exo-Squad Toys for Sale

EXO Squad Toys, Exosquad Toys

BargainPanda has a limited collection of the rare Exosquad toy line by Playmates that came out in the mid-1990s.

Exosquad, also known by EXO Squad, Exo-squad or ExoSquad was a cartoon series and toy line that came out in the early to mid-1990's. The show lasted for 2 full seasons and 1 episode in the third season before being cancelled. However, the toy line continued, extending from Exosquad E-frame toys to licensed Robotech remakes.

The Exosquad toys stood apart from the toys and action figures of the early 1990's because of the exquisite detail and packaging the first toy release had.

The initial Exosquad E-frame toys were packaged in boxes with well-built, articulated E-frame toys and accessories. The E-frames had details such as a "power plug" that attached to the E-frame pilot in accordance to the cartoon series. The E-frame toys also had a removable plastic "battery pack", also in accordance to details from the cartoon show.

Featured Exosquad Toys

Our collection of rare Exosquad toys is very limited. Since these toys are now no longer produced and are collectors' items, once these are sold, they are gone!

Each Exosquad E-frame for sale is in mint condition and new in the original box packaging (MIB).

J.T. Marsh Aerial Attack E-Frame

Wolf Bronsky Ground Assault E-Frame

Exosquad Toys :: Exquisite Detail and Craftsmanship

The Exosquad toys stand out among other toys not only as a must have for Exosquad fans, but also for toy collectors.

It can't be stressed enough the beautiful details each Exosquad toy E-Frame had. In the early 1990's toys moved to become more "economical" to preserve toymakers' profits. Packaging was simplified almost universally pushing towards the cardboard backing and bubble wrap format. Toys and action figures used fewer parts and more painted instead of molded details.

These changes in packaging and toy details marked a drastic difference from toys in the 1980's such as Transformers and G.I. Joe that used more parts, more detail, and a variety of material including plastic and metal. By the 1990s, toys almost exclusively used plastic parts.

When Exosquad toys came out, it seemingly broke away from the normal practice for toys and action figures. The first release of Exosquad toys used complete boxes reminiscent of 1980s era Transformers boxed toys. The

Exo-Squad toys included tremendous detail in construction that was nearly universally absent in toys by the 1990s. Exosquad E-Frames had little plastic jacks that connected to the action figure to represent the neural connections each pilot had with the battle machines as expressed in the cartoon series. In the cartoon series each E-Frame also had a power pack in the back of the E-Frame. The Exo-Squad E-Frame toys you can see the power pack as a clear piece of plastic wedged into a holder and the power pack is also removable. Exo-Squad E-Frame toys also had hinged plastic pieces that represented the E-Frame clamps that clamped down on the E-Frame pilots.

Exo-Squad Cartoon Series :: Ahead of Its Time

Exo-Squad was a short-lived cartoon series that ran from 1993 to 1995. The story revolves around a future where humans have colonized Earth, Venus, and Mars. Humans, called Terrans, bioengineered a superhuman race called the Neosapiens who were used as slave labor in the initial harsh environments of Venus and Mars. The Neosapiens revolted and captured the "homeworlds", putting Terrans on the defensive. The cartoon series detailed the struggle between the Terrans and Neosapiens with J.T. Marsh and his Able Squad of E-Frame fighters in the war against the Neosapiens. The show was extremely progressive and ahead of its time, incorporating complex and mature subjects in plot lines. The show incorporated politics, racism, prejudice, relationships, love, hatred, interstellar war, and much more. Fans hail the complex themes, plots, and character development as reasons why Exo-Squad is one of the best TV shows ever created.