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This is an extremely rare Transformers G2 Battle Convoy Laser Optimus Prime from the 1995 Transformers G2 re-releases. This Transformers G2 Battle Convoy Laser Optimus Prime comes in its original packaging and is in very good condition.

This Transformers G2 Battle Convoy Laser Optimus Prime is the US-release version. Optimus Prime is colored black and red with red fading into black. The Battle Convoy Laser trailer for Optimus Prime is colored grey with decals. The trailer converts into a laser battle station and is equipped with light up laser weapons and spring-loaded launchers.

Battle Convoy Laser Optimus Prime is near mint in box condition. There is limited damage to the box but Optimus Prime toy is undammaged and in mint condition.

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The 1995 Transformer G2 lines picked up where the original series left off in 1989 after Transformers the Movie. The Transformers G2 released several remakes of Transformers from the original release to toys released after Transformers the Movie.

Transformers G2 Battle Convoy Laser Optimus Prime had several versions released in both the United States and worldwide with Takara and other Japanese toymakers creating variations of this Laser Optimus Prime.

Transformers G2 Laser Optimus Prime Release Date: 1995 Generation: G2 Faction: Autobot Function: Leader Tech Spec: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!" Showdown with Megatron in sector 17 of the Mirtonian constellation left Optimus severely damaged. Entire structural integrity and logistical circuitry processors were programmed into a sleeker, stronger, combat-ready configuration! Now this ultimate super hero has an arsenal of weaponry ready to repel an attack and immobilize Megatron once and for all! With Optimus' giant, laser-targeting rocket launcher, ripple-fire missile blaster and armor-piercing discs, Megatron had better think twice before firing the next shot...or it could prove to be his last! Packaging: Laser Optimus comes packaged in vehicle mode in a large window box. On the left hand side is the boxart for Laser Optimus, with a swirling blue energy field behind the art. The box is black with red and yellow type. The window is large and most of the figure and his trailer can be seen. The inner packaging is a yellow base with the figure twist tied to it. The packaging on this figure is very nice. It's a very large box, that would look great with any boxed collection. The figure is shown off nicely through the window box for easy viewing. Accessories: Laser Optimus comes with some very nice weaponry. First up is hisgun, which is a large black laser cannon. He also comes with a huge clear sword that can be lit up through some electronics on the Optimus figure. He comes with three large missles for the base mode, ten small missles for the base mode as well as five discs for the trailer cannon. The accessories that come with Laser Optimus are well made and go really well with the figure and the trailer. The sword, especially, is a very nice touch. Vehicle Mode: Staying true to past forms, Laser Optimus is a big rig truck with a trailer. Only this time he's a long nosed truck instead of a flat faced one. The cab has a gradation from red (in the front) to black (in the back). The cab has clear plastic windows. The detail on this cab is excellent, with little horns atop the cab, and great detailing on the front grill. The trailer is also a departure from past Optimus figures. Instead of a box styled trailer, this trailer is a big oil tanker. Atop the tanker resides a disc firing cannon for some firepower in vehicle mode. The tanker is gray with some black and red detailing. There is also a sticker running along the side showing Laser Optimus firing his cannon into a huge blaze. Very nice indeed. When the two pieces are connected, they form a very large tractor trailer combo. Both parts look great together, and the colors compliment each piece nicely. Base Mode (Trailer): The base mode of the trailer is a nifty little mode. It works much better for spy changers or smaller basic sized figures than it does for Laser Optimus. I wouldn't say that's a drawback in any way, as it harkens back to the original Optimus Prime, which encourages using other Transformers in the base mode. The middle of the base mode holds a giant missle launcher that is operated by an air pressure pump. Off to each side is a long wall. The left side holds the disc launcher, while the right side reveals a multiple missle launcher. The color is almost all black, with a few small stickers for added details. The missles and discs are a medium turquoise for added color. A very fun base mode. The ability for other figures to interact is a grat addition, and the top notch firepower is a force to be reckoned with. Robot Mode: As good as the other modes are, the robot mode is the realt gem of this figure. Laser Optimus has a mix of classic and new deatils and features that combine for a completely fresh look. The figure is very large in robot mode. Laser Optimus has a mostly gray upper body with red arms, black legs and blue hands. The head is colored very much like the original Optimus, with blue and gray/silver detailing. This mode has six stickers which add some needed color and detail. This is one of the first Optimus Prime figures to be super articulated. Laser Optimus can be posed in any number of dynamic poses. His arms rotate at the shoulders and bend at the elbow. His legs rotate at the hips and bend at the knee and the feet can be slightly bent if needed. The had can also turn. And a nice bonus is that the figure can rotate at the waist. It's just an excellent robot mode all around. Overall: The best the G2 line had to offer. This figure had just about everything a fan could desire...Large figure, fan favorite character, great design, excellent articulation, etc. Highly recommended. Grade: A+

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